Added too much cornstarch to pie filling

I added 2 Tablespoons of cornstarch to apple pie filling instead of 2 teaspoons. I feel like a moron. Can I salvage this or should I go to the store for more apples? Thanks.



Coco E. November 27, 2014
You can probably rinse it off, just make sure you use cold water for it. The apples might lose a touch of sweetness and flavour, but that can be added back with an extra pinch of sugar and some lemon juice.
Pegeen November 27, 2014
Without knowing more about your pie... assuming it doesn't have a top crust, or that you haven't put on a top crust yet. And assuming the problem is that the apples don't seem juicy enough or have a cornstarch taste. You could put the apples in a saucepan, as they are, with a few tablespoons of apple juice (or even grape or cranberry), or a few tablespoons of a sweet fruit jam. Saute them on very low heat (or the jam will burn) and the apples will start to release some juice and the cornstarch should get diluted. Plan B: Just pile a lot of ice cream on top. (And you're not a moron - everyone has Thanksgiving trials and tribulations! Good luck!)
minibakersupreme November 27, 2014
Ice cream is always the solution to any problem at our house! I forgot to mention it was a cooked filling. Glad I started over. It seems that I can bake pretty much everything except pie- I should have brought croissants instead! Thanks for your help.
Nancy November 27, 2014
following Pegeen - when in doubt, do a little tinkering and rename the dish. If you rinse and/or saute your filling, add some lemon juice or a few more fruits, you have fruit compote - with our without ice cream. and if it doesn't work, get more apples to make another pie.
Monita November 27, 2014
If you have the time, I'd start from scratch only because CS can make your filling really gummy
minibakersupreme November 27, 2014
Thanks! That was my inclination, but I always want to make sure there are no secret tricks that I'm unaware of.
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