What can I do with copious amounts of leftover ranch dressing?

  • Posted by: Mollyh
  • November 1, 2014


bigpan November 1, 2014
Donate it to a local soup kitchen so folks less fortunate than us can have a nice salad.
Pegeen November 1, 2014
Also, am pretty sure you could freeze it, since you can freeze buttermilk. (I'm assuming your batch was made with buttermilk.) Freeze some in an ice cube tray and use it later to marinate chicken, etc.
Pegeen November 1, 2014
You could substitute it for yogurt (or mix half dressing, half yogurt) for an Indian chicken dish that requires marinating in yogurt. On this site, if you do a search under Recipes for "chicken and yogurt" you should get a few results. Or, just use it to marinate chicken for a few hours in the fridge and season/spice it as you prefer.

I bet a little in mashed potatoes would give them a nice tang (like using buttermilk). Or a little in Mac & Cheese would make it creamy and tangy. Then there's the ever-popular baby carrots and crudites with the dressing as a dip.
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