Leftover Cornbread Ideas

I made wayyyy too much cornbread last night, and normally I would just freeze it for dressing but does anyone have other ideas? Something new to try?



SchnakeML July 26, 2020
During strawberry season, I cut the squares in half or crumble them sprinkle with sugar or your choice of sweetener and warm slightly in microwave & make it into strawberry shortcake (or other fresh fruit) Whipped cream too of course.
Mame16th November 13, 2014
My grandmother pan-fried it and served it with gravy for breakfast. Absolutely no good for you, but delicious!
Lin November 8, 2014
Split a square in two, butter each side and put them face down on a hot griddle
Lynne H. November 8, 2014
I would freeze it; and then make cornbread crumbs when a recipe calls for them!
Nancy November 8, 2014
lovely as a base for sauteed mushrooms. add a poached or fried egg and you have brunch.
Joe H. November 7, 2014
Italian bread salad with cubed toasted cornbread or cornbread salad.

ChezHenry November 2, 2014
Make a crumble/buckle/betty/pie topping out of it. It's already cooked through once, so I'd pre-bake a blueberry/blackberry/peach crumble for half of the normal time. Take it out of the oven, and add your cornbread crumble-basically substitute the cornmeal for the flour component, reduce the sugar if your cornbread was made with sugar, add butter and pulse away in the food processor. Jacques Pepin uses this technique even with bread.
aargersi November 8, 2014
Oh I will save this idea for next time for sure - this batch had jalapenos in it though ...
klrcon November 2, 2014
Makes an awesome breakfast strata too.
amysarah November 1, 2014
I use cornmeal in my corn pudding (https://food52.com/recipes/28509-summer-corn-pudding-with-basil-and-chives) - I'm thinking that you could crumble in dry cornbread instead, for a savory cornbread pudding.
EmilyC November 1, 2014
You may have already considered this, but how about this recent Genius salad? https://food52.com/recipes/31347-chris-schlesinger-john-willoughby-s-grilled-sausage-and-cornbread-salad
aargersi November 1, 2014
Oh yum! I have Hatch Chili Sausages frozen - doing this!
missmertz November 1, 2014
I crumble it and stir into chili as it cooks. The great thing is, you can do this even if the cornbread gets really dry, because the liquid softens it. Yum!
aargersi November 1, 2014
Oh - good one - perhaps I could stir some into my leftover pozole!!!
Susan W. November 1, 2014
I love it as a toasty buttery crouton on top of any salad.
aargersi November 1, 2014
Great idea! About to make a kale salad so I think I will make some!
aargersi November 8, 2014
Susan I toasted cubes in a little butter and tossed it into my kale - I like it so much I ate it for lunch, dinner, and lunch the next day!
sdebrango November 1, 2014
Thats exactly what I would do save it for dressing but I dry it and put in airtight container and keep for Thanksgiving.
Pegeen November 1, 2014
Especially since it’s the weekend, I’d never get past just toasting it and slathering with butter!

Lots of good stuffing recipes on this site, which you could probably freeze.

Cubed and lightly toasted in the oven, then used as a bed for roasting a chicken. Sort of a take on Zuni’s chicken and bread salad – that recipe is on this site too.

There have been some great recipes/Columns on the site lately, for roasted winter vegetables. Toss in some cubed, lightly-toasted cornbread.
Pegeen November 1, 2014
Sorry! I read too quickly and didn't see that you mentioned dressing/stuffing in your post.
aargersi November 1, 2014
I like the bed for roasted chicken thought!
saragrad November 1, 2014
Hello, lucky you! My family loves leftover cornbread warmed up and spread with jam for breakfast or snacks, if it helps!
aargersi November 1, 2014
I just made a big batch of raspberry jam!!! Yum!
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