I have a question about making ahead cornbread dressing, mocha pecan pie and an eggless pumpkin pie. Should I freeze all unbaked before travel?

Cajun cornbread dressing--can either prepare and refrigerate and add eggs and bake 2 days later or pre bake and refrigerate. Mocha pecan pie I plan to par bake crust then freeze unbaked. Should Erin McDowell's eggless pumpkin pie be pre baked then refrigerated or frozen or frozen before cooking?

Leigh Ann
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1 Comment

Josh C. November 18, 2018
I think you could pre bake Erin's eggless pumpkin pie and then refrigerate it. Your plan for mocha pecan pie sounds good (par bake the crust and then freeze it). For the cornbread dressing, I would pre bake and refrigerate (I think this dressing will taste great even if it was made two days prior and then reheated on thanksgiving day).
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