how far ahead can it be made ??



Monita November 3, 2014
It would be a shame to lose the cream cheese frosting. Maybe it would be best to choose another cake
Monita November 3, 2014
You could make the cake a week ahead. Let it cool completely and then wrap well in plastic wrap and freeze. You can make the cream cheese frosting the day before. Keep in airtight container in fridge. You can make the caramelized pumpkin seeds 3 days before and keep in a sealed air tight container. I would put it all together the day you are using it. Defrost the cake in the fridge the day before. Let the cream cheese frosting come to room temp before using it. You might have to re-whip. You can do those two steps the morning that you are going to use it and then put the frosted cake into the fridge. Take it out about 30 minutes before serving and top with the pumpkin seeds.
Jennifer J. November 3, 2014
I was thinking of making this as a "thanksgiving gift" and would need to make it on Tuesday before Thanksgiving and also deliver it to them that day --- so maybe no cream cheese frosting ???
ktr November 3, 2014
Maybe it's just me, but if someone delivered me a cake on Tuesday, there is no way I would wait to eat it until Thursday. And most definitely no way I would be able to keep my family from eating it until then. I'd say either bring them the cake and frosting separately and let them frost it, or bring it all frosted up with the assumption that they will show as little restraint as I would.
ktr November 3, 2014
I haven't made this exact cake but I don't see any reason why you couldn't make the cake the day before and then store the frosting separately in the fridge, and then frost the cake right before eating it. You could frost it right away but it will taste fresher if you wait to frost it.
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