venison stew left on the stove

I made a lovely venison stew yesterday and left it all night, covered, on the stove. Can we save it?



ChezHenry November 9, 2014
You should toss it out. Chalk it up to experience, mistakes just dont want to compound it, this has stayed too long in the Danger Zone to be safe.
Here's a tip I utilize when making braises and soups that I know I will be storing. As part of your prep, put out two nested bowls. After dinner, fill the larger bowl with ice, water and a good shot of salt and stir to combine. Nestle the smaller bowl inside with your leftovers. As you cleanup, stir from time to time to aid in chilling it down. When your kitchen is in order, cover the leftover bowl and pop it in the fridge.
boulangere November 9, 2014
Salting the ice effective lowers its freezing temperature, thereby increasing its ability chill foods.
CanadaDan November 9, 2014
If it was on the heat and kept simmering it should be okay,maybe over braised but edible. If it wasn't on the heat the meat probably cooked down in the danger zone and went bad and i'd think it should be tossed.
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