Dried coriander? does this mean dried, ground seed (i.e. powder) or actual dried coriander leaves (which I have not seen often...I may sub some fr...

...esh cilantro in that case). Thanks

Best Ever Turkey Chili
Recipe question for: Best Ever Turkey Chili


cookinginvictoria November 10, 2014
When I made this, I added dried coriander to the spice blend before simmering, but then garnished with chopped fresh cilantro before serving. I find that cooking with fresh cilantro dilutes its flavor, so decided not to add it until the end. I thought that this was a delicious recipe -- hope that you enjoy it!
sydney November 10, 2014
Without seeing the recipe, and making chili regularly, I'd guess the cook meant coriander that you buy already dried and ground, in package or in bulk. I agree with Susan W that dried and fresh are nothing alike. I add chopped, fresh coriander at the end.
Susan W. November 9, 2014
Coriander is the dried seed of the cilantro plant. You will find it in the spice aisle. To me, it tastes nothing like cilantro.
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