What's the equivalent of "2 pieces coconut," in a recipe from India for a masala?

The other ingredients are: 1 Cup Curry leaf, 1 tsp Coriander seeds, 2 tsp Fennel seeds, 1 tsp Pepper powder, and 5 Dry red chillies (as per taste). All I have is dried unsweetened coconut flakes.



Nancy February 12, 2021
No idea.
But here are two suggestions:
Either write to the recipe author, blog host, book publisher...whoever hosted the recipe...and ask them.
Or use a similar recipe to get started, taste as you go, add more coconut during the cooking or at table, if you like. As it sounds like a coastal/seafood curry, I would use something like this recipe from The Spruce Eats.
AntoniaJames February 12, 2021
Thank you, Nancy. I sent a note to the author, but never heard back. I did a Google search and found, in another recipe, 2 pieces = 2 tablespoons grated, so I went with that. The result - excellent! I'd forgotten how fragrant and colorful fresh, not frozen, curry leaves are, since leaving my curry plant with the buyers of my house in the Bay Area nearly 3 years ago. (I recently ordered online a seedling - actually a potted seed - to grow my own plant here, now that I've set up a "grow light" in an alcove in my office, for plants like that which can't tolerate the chilly (now, Siberian) temperatures here on the high plains.
Cheers, and again, I'm grateful for your help in trying to sort this out. ;o)
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