Cake for breakfast at a baby shower?

We're having a surprise baby shower at work during our normal department meeting, at 8:30am. I'd like to still bring a shower cake of some kind, but not a 'normal cake' so early in the day (who am I kidding, we'd eat it anyway). What would make a light, pretty cake? Bonus points if it can be decorated blue.
My current thought is a crepe cake filled with lemon curd, maybe with pale blue glaze or whipped cream on top.

  • Posted by: Angela
  • November 13, 2014


maggiepcs November 16, 2014
I won't get bonus points, but tis the season for cranberries; try it in this coffee cake recipe!
boulangere November 14, 2014
This one actually started its life as a breakfast cake on the beautiful island of Capri:
arcane54 November 14, 2014
Tres leches ;-) !
Pegeen November 14, 2014
Bundt cakes are always good with morning coffee or tea. Just go to the RECIPES link and do a search on "bundt." Have a great party!
Pegeen November 14, 2014
Plus you can talk yourself into buying a new bundt pan!
caninechef November 14, 2014
A Bundt cake! I had just read the recipe on this site for Pear and Cranberry cake and I thought of this when I read this question. I have not made it but it seemed to get great reviews.
Nancy November 14, 2014
Try a cheesecake with Stilton and rhubarb. Very good and very bleu. Avoids food dye and gives you some protein to start your day. Also tastes great. From Michael Noble of Diva at the Met, Vancouver & Notables in Calgary.
Patricia November 13, 2014
A grape and olive oil cake? Patricia Wells has a nice recipe.
Posie (. November 13, 2014
Crepe cake is such a nice idea -- I'd think a yogurt cake (especially yogurt cornmeal) would be good for breakfast and you could shape it however you like. Angel food cake would work maybe? It's so much lighter than others, and you could sift powdered sugar over it and top it with a blue cake bunting!
Meaghan F. November 14, 2014
Angel food cake with blueberries sounds perfect. Coffee cake is a classic too, of course.
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