Last couple times I've cooked butternut squash, it has been stringy, am I not cooking it long enough?



mainecook61 November 17, 2014
Susan W is right. Butternut that is harvested too early (greenish tan instead of tan skin) can be stringy. I like to cut mine up and steam it until it's nice and soft.
Kristen W. November 17, 2014
I've had that experience before. Not sure why it happens, but when it does I usually cover it (usually I roast it cubed on a baking sheet) and keep cooking it a while longer and that seems to do the trick. Depends on how stringy the squash you're talking about is though, I suppose.
mrslarkin November 16, 2014
Hmmmm...I've never had that experience. I usually slice mine down the middle and bake or microwave cut-side down for quite a long time until easily pierced with a fork. The flesh should be nice and tender. Are you sure it wasn't a spaghetti squash?
Susan W. November 16, 2014
Is it a deep orange? A friend of mine grows butternut and said it happens if the squash is harvested too soon or toi late. She says her first indication that there's trouble is that it's not the deep orange flesh.

I cook mine (usually roasted in cubes or slices) until it's easily pierced with a fork.
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