Fridge Dinner

Since it's Monday/rainy/I'm feeling uninspired, I'm turning to the Food52 community to help me cobble together dinner from what I have in the fridge. It's like Chopped, but my fridge-style. :A handful or pulled pork, roasted white + sweet potatoes, half a bulb of celery root, a few sheets of county ham, apples, a staling rye loaf, one tomato, tomato sauce, eggs. Plus, a pretty full pantry. Help!

Cristina Sciarra


Cristina S. November 18, 2014
Thanks for the ideas, everyone! I love them all, and will keep each in mind for future kitchen sink-dinners.

I ended up making a shepherds' pie of sorts: pulled pork + ham; leftover apple-y caramelized onions; (pureed) celery root; both potatoes; a few nubs of cheese; and sautéed dark greens.

Thanks again! It's tomato sauce tonight.
Marian B. November 17, 2014
okay, a few options:
1. an awesome sandwich
2. stuffing? bread pudding?
3. frittata?
HalfPint November 17, 2014
I would make a pork ragu with the pulled pork and tomato/tomato sauce, then crack a few eggs and cook in the ragu for dinner. Serve on the roasted white+sweet potatoes on the side.
Bridgette G. November 17, 2014
Maybe a hash with the potatoes, apples and ham/pulled pork. Or hash with potatoes, tomato and egg on top.
Sam1148 November 17, 2014
I like that. I wonder if the celery root could come into play a variation on a "Bubble and Squeak".

Tho if the potatos are all ready roasted a 'hash' would be best----what sauce do you think would work with that type of hash? Sour cream, Horseradish? The sweet potato kind of throws that off.

And then bake the apples with Cinnamon, butter and brown sugar.
Kristin A. November 17, 2014
A comfort food like this stuffing could work. From your list I would use your celeriac, white & sweet potatoes, country ham, apple, and rye bread. Best of luck!
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