I want to make this but would like to do at lest part of the prep in advance. Would making this a day in advance up to step 3(adding the fish fill...

...ets) work best?



jody June 3, 2015
yaay it worked! :) was very delicious. followed the recipe exactly except I had to roast my own pepper (?) because i could find them in jars. not a big deal. also, i added a 1/4 lb of white shrimp with shell. i added half a cup of cream. the cream and stock doesn't seem to meld together like i imagined. is that normal?
caninechef June 4, 2015
I've made this several times since first asking about it. I ussually use 1/2 and 1/2 and that always blends in fine, not sure about cream. I am glad you went ahead and tried it. While I add the fish right before serving on the first go round, I have taken this to lunch the next day and it is always great.
cheese1227 November 20, 2014
That is the perfect way to handle this as a make ahead dish!
jody June 3, 2015
Does this also mean that the chowder wouldn't be as good the day after? :( was hoping to share this with someone tomorrow but didn't think to do only half the steps.
drbabs November 20, 2014
I make a similar fish stew, and you can definitely do steps 1 & 2 ahead of time--in fact, I think it's even better if you do that. (Bring it back up to simmer on the day of service, and add the fish and cream just before serving.)
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