Has anyone ever doubled a meringue recipe for pies? #baking #cooking #food @Food52Hotline



Victoria R. November 25, 2014
You'll be fine using a 6-qt. mixing bowl if you're doubling a recipe!
Sarah J. November 25, 2014
Which pie recipe are you making? I think that it would work to double the recipe in terms of proportions, but I'd be worried you might run out of room in your mixer, as meringue grows in volume when you mix it!
chrissyb November 25, 2014
Lemon, chocolate and coconut cream. I have a 6 quart mixer.
Victoria R. November 25, 2014
Yes, I regularly double meringue recipes and they work out just fine! Just make sure the bowl you use is large enough to hold the volume once the eggs reach their fullest!
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