Can you freeze milk?

I ordered too much milk by mistake and have 3-4 gallons that are going to expire before I can use them. Can I freeze the milk, then thaw it and use it for baking? And/or are there any recipes out there that call for a lot of milk?? (besides ice milk or ice cream)



LornaFarris June 9, 2011
You can totally freeze milk (my parents do it all the time). It does change the consistency a little but the milk can easily be thawed and used in baking, soups, etc. You may want to freeze it in smaller containers so you won't have to thaw out a whole gallon when the time comes!
mcd2 June 9, 2011
use 1 gallon to make a baked rice pudding. that's my go to when i have too much milk on hand. 4 cups milk, 1 c rice, 1 c sugar , 1 tsp salt. stir all ingredients together & place in a hot oven (400). immediately turn down heat to 300 and bake for 3 hrs, stirring once an hour to break up milk crust. last 1/2 hr add cinnamon & raisins per your taste (i prefer it without either). the high heat at beginning makes a creamier pudding!
boulangere June 9, 2011
By how long is it going to expire? In reality, milk is likely good for probably 3-4 weeks beyond its *use by* date.
Make sherbet!
In past experiences when I have frozen milk it caused the milk solids and the water(?) to separate. This changes the taste of the milk and the texture as well. I would take Syroni or Merrills advice and make cheese. The braised pork sounds wonderful as well.
babytiger June 8, 2011
Oh, I've used more milk than the recipe calls for (2 1/2 cup). I think I used something like 4 cups.
babytiger June 8, 2011
Not sure about freezing milk, but you can make milk ice popsicles.

I was in the same situation once and looked for recipes that use a good amount of milk. I came across this dish: milk braised pork. It's such a beautiful dish. The milk does turn into little brown nutty curds at the end of the cooking process which are just heavenly. This is one variation of the recipe:

You can adjust the seasonings to your liking, such as adding thyme or rosemary. I prefer pork shoulder for this recipe, but people use loin and chops as well.
Merrill S. June 8, 2011
Or make ricotta!
beyondcelery June 8, 2011
Make cheese! Paneer is really easy to make and it's delicious in curries or formed into kofta.

This site uses Neelam Batra's paneer cheese recipe, which is the one I trust:

The whey can be added to homemade bread in place of other liquid. It'll make your loaves lighter and spongier.

I've frozen the paneer after making large quantities and it does work, though the texture is changed. Usually, I'll use as much as possible fresh, then freeze the rest and make the frozen cheese into kofta sometime in the future. (Those are like meatballs made out of cheese, so it doesn't require the cheese to hold together in a block in the same way some recipes do.)
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