I have a ton of leftover Rice Krispie Treats and they aren't being eaten as is. Is there anything I can make with them?

Jordan R
  • Posted by: Jordan R
  • November 25, 2014


Pegeen December 1, 2014
Donate them to a school, charity, religious home, etc. You will feel great, sharing the treats with others.
Regine November 26, 2014
Addendum to prior comments.
See pic of how it might look
Regine November 26, 2014
Soften them up in microwave and add in some chopped walnuts/pecans and/or golden raisins and reshape into balls. Roll into powdered sugar.
Nancy November 26, 2014
Use as a sweet crouton in a fruit salad. Float in mugs of hot chocolate. Break up and serve with milk for breakfast.
cook4you November 26, 2014
I think some may be reading this wrong. Poster says they have treats leftover, already made. Just an idea, drop off at a shelter. Or give to a teen near you!
Yianna November 26, 2014
Everyone loves a good rice krispy treat! I love Susan W's idea. Otherwise if you have any marshmallows around, you could always just melt those (with some add ins, such as salted caramel or peanut butter) and add in the rice krispies.
Susan W. November 26, 2014
Do I ever!! Kendra's Cinnamon Spice Rice Krispy Treat S'mores. I can't link it from my phone, but if you use the search function at the top of this page, you'll pull it up. You can leave the word Kendra out. They are so delicious.
Susan W. November 26, 2014
Just to be clear, in the recipe, you start by making rice krispy treats, so you're halfway there already.
Jordan R. December 1, 2014
Thanks for all the options. I think I have enough to try all of these!
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