Poaching Forelle pears in advance of party

I have a dinner party in one week but came across almost ripe Forelle pears this afternoon. How far in advance can I wine poach them before an event. I imagine I still have a couple of days before they are no longer firm. Or perhaps refrigerating them will keep them from ripening?

nancy essig


Susan W. November 27, 2014
My mom has all kinds of fruit trees on her property in San Diego. Pears, mangoes and avocados are 3 that you can slow and really almost halt the ripening of with refrigeration. Pears can be held for up to 5 days after they reach the ripeness that you want in the fridge.
nancy E. November 29, 2014
Thank you Susan. I am not assured a steady supply of these so had to grab them. I put them in the fridge.
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