I was gifted a quart of extra virgin coconut oil. What are some good uses of this product?

Any ideas for this, it has a very pronounced coconut flavor/smell. It's pretty much solid at room temp. How long will this last after opening?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • December 1, 2014


creamtea December 1, 2014
I use coconut oil to make brownies (when I am not using butter). I follow the recipe from the Flour cookbook, using Scharffen-Berger chocolate. Heavenly. I think they come out more tender than with butter.
ktr December 1, 2014
I agree, it is great to saute with. It is also great just spread on toast like you would butter. You can blend it with honey for a "honey butter." It's good melted over popcorn. Basically you can use it similar to butter. It is difficult to make pie crust with though in my experience - although it may work if your kitchen is warm enough to keep the coconut oil soft.
bigpan December 1, 2014
Is it time to re-surface your woodcutting board ?
Susan W. December 1, 2014
I use it to saute most everything. I love the stuff. What brand is it? Some people don't like what I think is a very mild coconut flavor. Those people are happier with refined coconut oil.

I also take a half cup or so and put it in a container to use as lotion and hair conditioner.

You can add a spoonful of CO and a spoonful of ghee or butter and blend it in a blender with hot coffee (be careful) for what is known as bullet proof coffee. It's delicious.

Taste it from a spoon and see what you think of the flavor.
Sam1148 December 1, 2014
It's Swanson brand. It's also the 'extra virgin' type. So it has a bit more coconut flavor than the normal coconut oil.
Susan W. December 1, 2014
Saute up some shrimp and see what you think. Maybe make some baked sweet potato fries using your CO. I always use virgin unrefined. You'll find when you cook with it that the taste is very mild.
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