I need a pie crust recipe please

  • Posted by: Travis
  • December 2, 2014


ChefJune December 3, 2014
There are a bunch of goodies on this site. If you're making a one crust pie, I definitely recommend Paule Caillat's Brown Butter Crust. It's easier than easy, and SO delicious it really doesn't even need a filling. You should be able to find it in the search engine here with her name.
Pegeen December 2, 2014
This is a very helpful article by Erin McDowell on this site, "Everything you need to know about pie crust." It has excellent tips and photos, and you don't need a food processor. The crust recipe is toward the bottom of the article.
Chocolate B. December 2, 2014
Also, Seriouseats.com has an "Easy Pie Dough" recipe which is great, no vodka required. It was developed by the same guy that did the Cooks Illustrated recipe.
Susan W. December 2, 2014
Go to the top of this page and use the search function. Type in Cook's Illustrated Fool Proof Pie Crust and choose "recipes". It's a really good recipe. Read the comments to get some tips and tricks.
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