mystery chewy walnut cookie

Hunting for the secret recipe for a walnut confection a family friend always made at Christmas. It was a chewy, moist, lightly spiced crustless tassie baked into mini-tart form. I suspect it was flourless. Any clues as to what this treat might have been called, and where to find a recipe?



cookbookchick December 9, 2014
Of course, there well may be! SO many cookie recipes around the world! Let's see what others say.
cookbookchick December 9, 2014
I may be stating the obvious, but why not try a walnut tassie recipe baked in mini muffin tins without the crust?
faitchis December 9, 2014
Yup, that would be the most obvious solution, but was probably a silly question. I was just curious whether there was an actual name for this cookie.
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