I followed the brown sugar Apple upside down cake with apple cider caramel and spiced walnuts.

Too much batter, it’s pouring over the edge of an 8 inch cake pan. 15-25 minutes bake time is way off...you need closer the 45 minutes at 350

  • Posted by: Michael
  • September 24, 2019
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Michael September 24, 2019
Recipe errors aside, the cake is wonderful!
boulangere September 24, 2019
It's actually quite beautiful. You can save yourself some baking time by using a larger cake pan. The deeper the cake, the longer the bake time, and the top can end up being pretty crusty.
Michael September 24, 2019
It did specify an 8 inch cake pan. I was skeptical but thought someone had to try it...lol next time I’ll use a 9 or a 4 inch deep 8. It turned out ok, I think, have yet to taste. It’s an easy hour in the oven not the 15-25 minutes as stated.
boulangere September 24, 2019
Did the recipe indicate what size pan to use? 9" is generally the minimum, and 10" id more conventional. In Bravetart, Stella Parks has a wonderful recipe for a pineapple upside down cake (honestly, any fruit works well) baked in a 12" cast iron skillet.
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