Enchiladas without oil?!

I love enchiladas. But I'm trying to be a bit healthier. You can't have enchiladas without cheese, so I have to find a way to cut out dipping each tortilla in oil. Any ideas?

  • Posted by: kimhw
  • December 4, 2014


nutcakes December 6, 2014
I just soften them in the microwave a couple at a time, roll and fill. Top with sauce for everyday meals.
aargersi December 5, 2014
Consider a layered enchilada casserole rather than traditional rolled enchiladas - this eliminates the concern for having to soften your tortillas, and you can add more filling to tortilla ratio. Think about using lean protein (beans, chicken, tofu) and vegetables (perhaps a sort of calabacitas combination, or some greens cooked with garlic and cumin) and then just go easy on the cheese, and you are there!
WileyP December 6, 2014
aargersi's got it right. These are known as "New Mexico style" enchiladas. I didn't even know there was such a thing as rolled enchiladas until I was in my 20s!
Lexie December 5, 2014
You can change enchiladas for an Aztec cake (pastel azteca) Simply dip tortillas in the sauce, spread chicken, cheese and whatever you are using, then another tortilla and so on. It is similar to lasagna, but round. Not The same, of course but very good indeed
dinner A. December 4, 2014
I lightly brush each tortilla with oil and then toast it on both sides in a medium hot unoiled pan until it puffs. They end up less oily than tortillas fried in standing oil, but still have a nice texture and flavor.
Also, you definitely can make enchiladas with no cheese -- the most basic and traditional enchilada is simply a tortilla coated in a thick sauce (pipian, mole, etc) and folded up, then topped with whatever you choose (white onions, avocado, cilantro, fried egg, or, yes, cheese, and more). If you have a good sauce, this is delicious.
Lisi32 December 4, 2014
I dip them quickly into a pan of warm enchilada sauce. Softens the tortillas right up.
Patty December 4, 2014
You can wrap the tortillas in foil and steam them in the oven, or you can warm them on a hot, dry, skillet.
HalfPint December 4, 2014
Serious Eats has a Food Lab for Chicken Enchilada Verde,

And he used this oven method of softening the tortillas.
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