I've never used whole nutmeg. How much of a whole nutmet would a "grating" be?



ChefJune December 11, 2014
I wouldn't think you'd want more than a pinch (1/8 teaspoon) of nutmeg in a Bolognese. You don't want it to taste like nutmeg. That flavor can take over pretty easily if you get "carried away."
Susan W. December 11, 2014
I agree with those that say "a pinch" which to me, is what a "grating" means. A few swipes. A pinch supposedly means 1/8th of a tsp or less. Pretty much immeasurable which is why the term originated.

When I make a few swipes on my nutmeg with my microplane, it barely makes an indent. For that particular recipe, I would probably do 3 swipes and taste.
Nancy December 11, 2014
P. S. I compared the food52 version with 2 British versions. BBC has Nigel only calling for "a pinch of freshly grated nutmeg," but the Guardian calls for "a nutmeg." I suspect someone made an error or a proorreading goof, which lives on at food52. You can start small (a pinch) and add more if you like the taste.
boulangere December 11, 2014
I make Marcella Hazan's Bolognese Sauce, which instructs: "Add a tiny grating - about 1/8 teaspoon - of nutmeg, and stir." In other words, not much. I use a grinder which is loaded with nutmeg shards, and add gratings to taste. I prefer more, not less. Season to your own taste.
Nancy December 10, 2014
agree with comments so far. a little goes a long way. to the question you asked, nutmegs vary in size, so a full one grated will vary, but around two-three teaspoons. rarely is a whole nutmeg called for in a recipe, either as an ingredient or as a quantity. when it's given, it's usually pinch, or tsp amounts, even if you're grating it fresh.
Pegeen December 10, 2014
For this recipe, I'd start with a half a teaspoon, taste, and add up to another half teaspoon. Or more if you're in love with the taste!
Monita December 10, 2014
I another version of his recipe (http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/spaghettibolognese_89200) he calls for a "pinch" of freshly ground nutmeg.
Kristen M. December 10, 2014
I usually give a whole nutmeg a few swipes across a Microplane grater or a small rasp -- only a fraction of the nutmeg will be gone when you're done. There are plenty of other strong flavors in this sauce, so I would maybe grate up to a quarter of it without worrying that it would overpower the sauce. (But I do love nutmeg.)
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