Uses for nutmeg scraps?

I always used whole nutmegs, and I grate as needed. Invariably, I have about 1/8 or so of various nutmegs gathering in a jar. This are too small to grate (without taking some finger off, too), but I hate to throw them away. Does anyone have any ideas for how to use these?

Dea Henrich


Tony S. June 8, 2012
Use a microplane to grate the scraps. I know it sounds impossible but you can run your fingertips down the surface of a microplane without any harm.
imadok June 6, 2012
I'd love some nutmeg infused steamed milk. Yum.
inpatskitchen June 5, 2012
Love the infusion idea!!

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Reiney June 5, 2012
You could whizz them up in a spice grinder to get a powder. This can be added into a garam masala or other spice blend, or used as ground nutmeg.

Or, you could infuse the whole chunks into cream, milk, béchamel, etc and strain them out before using the product in various dishes.
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