Sous vide in a ziploc bag?

I'm making boneless chicken breast in an improvised sous vide setup using a pot of water on the stove, a thermometer and chicken in a ziploc bag. I'm keeping the temp at a constant 150 degrees. I can see that there is clear liquid in the bag that was not there when I started. Could this all be juices that the chicken has released, or does my bag have a hole? Has anyone done sous vide chicken ever noticed juices accumulating in the bag?



Meaghan F. December 16, 2014
Are you using the ziploc vacuum seal system or just a regular ziploc bag from the pantry? If the latter, it's probably a seal issue.
bigpan December 15, 2014
I would not use a ziplock because the do not seal regardless what the package says. Use a vacuum packer (and you do not need to creat a vacuum, just a good seal).
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