Food safety reusing freezer bags and parchment paper

First, I love your website and it's my go to for all events!
Second, I have two food safety questions I’d love your advice on:
*I make granola every two weeks by baking oats with maple syrup and olive oil, then I add pistachios, pepitas and flaked coconut for the last few minutes. I use parchment paper, wipe it off with paper towels, then store those used sheets in a ziplock bag for another batch or two. Is that safe?
*I keep four ziplock bags in the freezer for carrot peels, onion and celery ends, leeks, and one for raw chicken backs, legs and wings. Every few weeks I throw all of that in a pot to make chicken stock, and immediately put the empty freezer bags back in the freezer to fill up again. Is that safe?
Thank you for your guidance.

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  • Posted by: svz
  • December 17, 2019


Gammy December 18, 2019
I think my box of parchment sheets recommends using no more than twice, but I do until it has started to turn too dark during baking. I also wash with dish soap, rinse with hot water and reuse my zippered bags several times except those that had contained meat or cheese. Granola, cookies and snacks would be fine.
Miss_Karen December 18, 2019
Auto incorrect at work again🙄 turn them inside out to dry...
Miss_Karen December 18, 2019
I reuse parchment paper unless I've cooked a meat on it. I also reuse ziplocks, but I wash them with dish soap & turn them inside ouziplock, I don't reuse them if t j.g ey have had meat in them ,especially chicken.
boulangere December 17, 2019
I routinely re-use clean parchment. It's a habit I cultivated working in professional bakeries, where every penny counts. Plastic bags are a bit different. At home, I wash and re-use bags that have contained everything except meat - raw or cooked. Those get tossed.
Happygoin December 17, 2019
I wouldn’t have any problem with re-using the parchment and bags for the granola. In fact, I do that as well.

I’d re-think using the bags for the chicken and veggies though, because pathogens can grow on raw vegetables and chicken that a freezer won’t kill.
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