A question about a recipe: Rosemary Pear Cake

I have a question about the recipe "Rosemary Pear Cake" from Hillary Pollak. Butter and sugar to the cake are missing in list

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Rosemary Pear Cake
Recipe question for: Rosemary Pear Cake


Susan W. December 15, 2014
They are in the instructions. One stick of butter divided and 3/4 cup sugar for the cake.
boulangere December 15, 2014
True, but why are they not in the Ingredients? That is Julie's question.
Susan W. December 15, 2014
Bit of a snarky reply. I was simply letting her know they were in the instructions. I was trying to be helpful.
boulangere December 16, 2014
Not intended to be snarky at all. In Mastering the Art....., Julia Child listed both the cooking vessel(s) and water among her ingredients.
boulangere December 15, 2014
You might try emailing the author directly. She is a staff member of Food52.
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