Why does my pulled chicken need brown sugar? Wouldn’t that be too sweet?

I noticed that most recipes online for pulled chicken include adding brown sugar. Can someone explain to me the importance of brown sugar, when I am already adding barbecue sauce which contains sugar? It just sounds like it would come out way too sweet, unless I’m missing the reason behind this?


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1 Comment

AntoniaJames August 6, 2021
I totally agree that adding brown sugar could easily make the pulled chicken too sweet! From what I've seen, eating barbecue throughout the south and elsewhere, a lot of people like their sauce very sweet.

I would not add until after adding the barbecue sauce and then, only if you think it's necessary. It probably won't be.

In fact, I'd probably be adding more vinegar . . . . but then I'm a zealot for old-school North Carolina style barbecue, which is blissfully heavy on the vinegar!. ;o)
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