I have a frozen, home-made, unbaked peach pie that is missing at least 1/2 c. of sugar. (already baked one). How can I fix this?

Donna Banting


Gammy September 28, 2019
Can you lift the top crust to sprinkle that 1/2 cup of sugar over the peaches? The sugar will melt into the peaches as the pie bakes. This could be done in sections so you are not removing the entire crust at one time.
Gammy September 28, 2019
Sorry, overlooked the word "frozen" in the question.... you would have to thaw prior to trying to lift the top crust. I'd do that in the refrigerator. If that is not feasible to add the missing sugar, what about making a sweet warm peach or raspberry sauce to serve over the peach pie?
Donna B. September 28, 2019
Thanks Gammy. I couldn't remove the top crust and I couldn't wait for the pie to thaw, but you gave me a good idea. I had already cut a vent hole in the crust, so I popped the pie in the oven just enough time to thaw the crust and I put sugar in the vent hole little by little and carefully tilted the pie to move the sugar around. It worked and no pies were harmed! LOL
Gammy September 29, 2019
(BIG SMILE) So glad everything worked out for you, Donna. More than one way to skin a cat... or add missing sugar to a pie!!
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