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I am looking for recommendations for Chrismas Eve dessert. The issue is that my father-in-law and I have very different ideas as to what makes a good dessert. Add to that the fact that I'm pregnant and the idea of eating a super sweet dessert does not appeal to me at all. I would prefer something along the lines of honey poached pears or apples cranberry crisp. My father-in-law likes very basic foods and those would not be considered basic desserts in his book. He would prefer very sweet, maybe pie, fudge or pudding. Does anyone have any recommendations that might satisfy both of us? Or should I just make fudge, which I know everyone else will like?

  • Posted by: ktr
  • December 17, 2014


Chef L. December 17, 2014
Here is a not too sweet lemon sponge/pudding. It is simple to make with few ingredients. Every time I make it, it is always well received!
Pegeen December 17, 2014
I agree with others here: just have two or more desserts to satisfy both teams.

I lean toward your side. Can live without sweet cake and frosting, and cookies, but love fruit deserts that are more tart, with an almond or buttery crust.

This is an excellent recipe for larger groups, to satisfy the "chocolate" craving
Nigella Lawson, Chocolate Cherry Trifle

On the fruit side, I think your idea of poached pears are excellent.
Pegeen December 17, 2014
"is excellent," not "are excellent."
ChefJune December 17, 2014
Why don't you make that apple-cranberry crisp that you'd prefer, and then serve it with a couple of sides -- vanilla ice cream and a nice, gooey caramel sauce? Your fil can "sweeten up" his dessert to his hearts delight (as can the others). Options, baby... options! ;)
ktr December 17, 2014
That sounds like a great idea!
Susan W. December 17, 2014
If you are up to it, I would make two. We serve everything at our house to keep the table free of platters of food and to avoid the food getting cold while it's passed around. When it's time for dessert, if we have two options, everyone gets a small serving of both. For those who only want the chocolate dessert, they get a larger portion. It works well for us, but we rarely have more than 10-12 people.
ktr December 17, 2014
That may be what I have to do. We'll be eating dessert for awhile, but there are worse things in the world!
Susan W. December 17, 2014
Nothing better than dessert for breakfast the day after a big holiday dinner. :)
luvcookbooks December 17, 2014
Fruity bread pudding? Can be light on the sugar. Cynthia Fleming has a delicious cranberry and kumquat gingerbread trifle that is not too sweet and a trifle is super trad.
ktr December 17, 2014
That sounds fantastic to me but I know kumquats won't go over well.
Nancy December 17, 2014
How about a dessert bar where everyone adds (or doesn't) garnishes. Have a lowish-sugar chocolate or pound cake, then whipped cream, fruits - compote and/or dried, nuts, coconut flakes etc.
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