Looking for a recipe using poppy seed paste in a pie or tart.

My husband remembers having a pie or tart as a child with the main ingredient of the filling being poppy seeds. (He's assuming it was poppy seed paste.) I've looked and looked for a recipe that matches his memory, but have had no luck. Any suggestions? His birthday is this week, and I'd love to make it for him. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Sue
  • December 18, 2014


amysarah December 18, 2014
Not a pie/tart, but 'mohn paste' - poppy seed paste - is a classic fillings for hamantaschen, which I guess could be considered tart-ish. It's also used in various yeasted dough coffee cakes, buns, danish, etc. My Hungarian grandmother served 'Mohn Cake' - sweet yeasted dough rolled around the paste. Maybe try searching with 'mohn' and see what pops up.
amysarah December 18, 2014
I got intrigued and just googled under Mohn - is it something like this? http://cookmap.com/en/recipes/mohnkuchen-mit-streusel-german-poppy-seed-cake

(My grandmother's version was rolled more like a strudel.)
Sue December 18, 2014
That looks like the right one! It would make sense because my mother-in-law immigrated from Germany. My husband will be so excited - thanks for everyone's help!
Pegeen December 18, 2014
I found a lot of them by doing a Google search on "poppy seed paste recipe." There are quite a few. I hope you find the right one for his birthday!
Nancy December 18, 2014
Good idea. And if they don't find the "right" one, they can start a quest/new practice of trying a new one each year on his birthday.
Sue December 18, 2014
I've done a lot of Google searches but am not having much luck finding one similar to his memory. (Hope's he's not having a false memory!) I get a lot of recipes for Kolache and other type fillings for breads. Eliminating those from the search seem to move straight to salad dressings even though I've got pie and tart in the searches.
Sue December 18, 2014
An entertaining side note - I tried googling again eliminating kolache and roll from the key words. This thread showed up as the top result.
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