Whole or cut-up chicken for soup

Recommendations please: in making chicken soup, should I leave the chicken whole or cut it up?

  • Posted by: DebJ
  • December 18, 2014


Lynne H. December 21, 2014
I follow ATK's advice and brown the chicken pieces in a bit of oil for about 8 minutes a side. Makes a delicious fond that kicks up the flavor of any chicken soup!
cookbookchick December 19, 2014
I use only wings for chicken soup.
Marcmarc December 19, 2014
I like to cook them whole just because it's easier. It makes a clearer, nicer broth if you wash it well and cook it whole.
DebJ December 18, 2014
Thanks, Susan W and everyone who responded. Yes, it was the whole chicken. Actually, I've always cut it up when making soup, but I wondered if I was "missing something."
luvcookbooks December 18, 2014
It depends. Asian recipes use whole chicken and make a delicate, delicious broth. Chicken backs and necks, on the other hand, are cheap and also make a delicious broth. See what you think!
Susan W. December 18, 2014
I think either way she is speaking of a whole chicken. She is just wondering whether to cut the chicken up or leave it whole to make soup.
Susan W. December 18, 2014
I prefer to cut it up because in my mind, that gives more of the bones access to the broth. Be sure to include the back and neck.
DebJ December 18, 2014
Thanks, Susan. That's what I did. It's cooking now!
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