Just to get your mind off the holidays…What are you making for dinner tonight, Sunday 21 December?

I'll start: I'm making these two recipes (neither of which I've made before):

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • December 21, 2014


Bevi December 22, 2014
It's the 22nd. We are serving crab cakes and cole slaw
Bevi December 22, 2014
It's the 22nd. We are serving crab cakes and cole slaw
AntoniaJames December 22, 2014
We had a small dinner party. People arrived directly from airport, delayed almost 2 hours, so I just served Fig and Blue Cheese Savouries while I put the rest of the meal out: Nigel Slater's Bolognese over pappardelle + warm rainbow chard topped with pickled golden beets, quick-pickled chard stems and rosemary toasted walnuts. Dessert was a pear cake http://instagram.com/p/w6mjd-mB4G/ adapted from an Italian apple cake recipe, topped with Amontillado Dessert Sauce https://food52.com/recipes/32024-amontillado-dessert-sauce (Try serving your dessert cakes or sticky buns with a boozy custard drizzle sauce -- I've posted four iterations recently -- and you'll leave too-sweet, less elegant, confectioners' sugar glazes in the rear view mirror.) ;o)
Pegeen December 22, 2014
Susan W ... Exactly! I was rolling my eyes when I wrote it. ;-)
Susan W. December 22, 2014
Pretty sure I heard them rolling. :)
drbabs December 21, 2014
Wow, we Food52'ers certainly eat well, don't' we? Thank you for playing, everyone! Have happy holidays!
lem M. December 21, 2014
so many delicious things!
over here, it’s tomorrow already (hi from the future!); we had a busy day of wrapping gifts and packing up things (going to leave in the morning for the holiday trip to our families – with two cats, no less), so I made a simple fridge cleaning dinner: penne with a zesty tomato, caper, cod, crème fraîche sauce and a fennel orange salad.
good night & happy cooking everyone!
Pegeen December 21, 2014
Leftover ham
Susan W. December 21, 2014
I'm sorry, but that made me giggle because I saw all of your trials, tribulations and flooding thanks to "The Horrible Ham".
aargersi December 21, 2014
YUM! All of it sounds great especially Panfusine :-) We are simple: grilled sirloin, baked potatoes, steamed spinach and a wedge salad. Going to the neighbors for a bit after dinner and delivering their Texas Breakfast Beer Bread and raising a glass of cheer ...

Maedl where are you on this world???
kimhw December 21, 2014
Chicken and sausage gumbo. My favorite and perfect for my birthday!
Pegeen December 22, 2014
Happy birthday!
ChezHenry December 21, 2014
Burgers from a ground 1st cut Brisket, pan fried new potatoes, roast asparagus, an ice cold Heineken chilling in the freezer. Some Gruyere and carmelized onions to top mine, a little Sriracha Mayo for my lovely wife, a little mesclun salad to top them.
Midge December 21, 2014
Wow, all of these dishes sound so good. Just saved those stir-frys. I made a big batch of Mrs. Wheelbarrow's chicken tortilla soup to get us through the next few busy days. Perfect for our gloomy weather here in SC.
Panfusine December 21, 2014
Green Banana stir fried with coconut oil & curry leaves, rice, and a yogurt stew with wintermelon, flavored with fresh coconut, fenugreek and cumin.
Maedl December 21, 2014
Dinner is already over in my time zone. It was a busy day getting the house in some semblance of order before the final onslaught of Christmas cooking. Then, to top it off, one of the traditional Adventsingen concerts took place at the small monastery church overlooking town. By the time I got home, it was after 6 and I was happy to make a simple avocado-orange salad with garlic and cumin and heat up a pot of vegetable-farro soup that I made last week. My resistence broke down and I sampled two of the Christmas cookies--a Lebkuchen and a chocolate-mint cookie laced with creme de menthe. Tasty!
lem M. December 21, 2014
that sounds like a divine salad! I go in and out of phases of sprinkling toasted, crushed cumin on top of almost everything, but this combination I have yet to try.
Maedl December 22, 2014
It's a Moroccan salad. It is easy to make and goes well with all sorts of main courses beyond North African. Blood oranges are just coming in, so that is what I used. Grapefruit is a good substitute for oranges. I couldn't find the cumin, so I used black cumin and liked that, too. I used a sweet white onion--but a red onion looks quite stunning.
Susan W. December 21, 2014
Great thread. I belonged to a paleoish thread and we did one of these everyday. Whoever woke up first stated it. :)

First..I've made the chicken. It was good. I added chili flakes to spice it up and used distilled vinegar instead of rice vinegar. It works really well with Asian type dishes. Love the looks of the stir fried lettuce.

I'm having Martha's one pot pasta. I made a ton of Francis Lam's ratatouille this summer, so a blob of that will go in instead of the cherry tomatoes. I'm baking off my homemade bacon experiment right now. If it turns out, I'll crisp up some cubes and add it. Grilled romaine along with it.
inpatskitchen December 21, 2014
Tonight is roast chicken, mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach with garlic and lemon. Tomorrow we're having this:https://food52.com/recipes/12119-grilled-lamb-chops-greek-style and I'm experimenting with a brussels recipe that my son has at a restaurant in SF and loves. We'll see how close we can get.
And Barbara...I'd love to join you at your table tonight!!
Rachel C. December 21, 2014
I'll be watching football, NOT giving into temptation for last-minute online shopping, and eating my weight in this: https://food52.com/recipes/31104-charred-broccoli-and-lentil-salad
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