Pizza-and-a-movie party for grownups

This time of year, I'm lucky to get screener DVDs of all the top movies, so we're having 3 friends over for a movie and pizza thing on Friday night. I'll make four 14" pies using the Cook's Ill. method which does everything wrong (not enough yeast, sugar, ice water, one two-day rise in the fridge...all in search of the perfectly crackery crust and crumb.

Do you think I should do a salad or soup starter? I'd like to do some far out toppings like chèvre, shrimp and pickled onions. Any other ideas? Are cookies and coffee enough for dessert? Thanks.

Great Christmas and holidays and New Year to all 52ers!



arcane54 December 25, 2014
Caramelized onion, gorgonzola and walnuts. Top with chopped arugula when it comes out of the oven -- sweet, tangy, crunchy and herbal! I say yes to salad as a side! A simple lemon garlic dressing would be a nice counterpoint to the busy-ness of lots of toppings. Plus, who can argue with more garlic?
bugbitten December 24, 2014
Thanks guys, I think cookies should do it too. I'll reconstitute some dates (wife allergic to figs) and put together a Moroccan pie with some harissa. I think I'll put the salad on a pizza also, to keep everything easy.
aargersi December 24, 2014
Things I like on pizza: proscuitto + figs + blue cheese + reduced balsamic + arugula (not far out any more but oh so delicious)

Thinly sliced red potatoes, rosemary, parmesan. Maybe some thinly sliced shallot or red onion too.

"Shakshuka" - make a cooked mixture of peppers, tomatoes and onion with some cumin and paprika, spread on crust, break a couple eggs over, dot with feta and bake - fresh cilantro to finish

I will keep thinking
ktr December 24, 2014
I think salad always goes well with pizza. I'd probably just have salad, pizza and some snack type foods to nosh on during the movies. And yes, especially after the holidays I think cookies and coffee are fine for dessert.
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