what is a good technique to re-heat roasted veges?

I am making lamb for Christmas and roasted veges. I would like to roast the veges earlier in the day so I only have to concentrate on the lamb and salad later in the day then just reheat the veges and serve them together.

  • Posted by: katie
  • December 24, 2014


Antigoni S. December 26, 2014
It is also totally OK to serve Roasted Veggies at room temp. Since, as the other mentioned, they will loose their crisp, it is nice to find ways to jazz them up if they have already been cooked, without necessarily putting back in the oven. Such as drizzling with some finishing out and chopped nuts, or topping with the some freshly toasted bread crumbs and garlic, and a squeeze of citrus juice. If you do put them in the oven, don't cover them in tin foil (or leave a corner of it lifted) this will keep them from collecting moisture while reheating, and will hopefully help them from getting too soft while re-heating.

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Susan W. December 24, 2014
They really do lose that roasted crispy texture and you run the risk of overcooking them. If you had them chopped and ready to go on a sheet pan, you could roast them while the lamb is resting. Just set a timer so you dont forget they are there...don't ask.
Monita December 24, 2014
The challenge with re-heated roasted veggies is that they get a little limp upon reheating. Bring them to room temp before you re-heat and then try to do it for as little time as possible just to get them re-warmed. I like to put them into the oven 15 min before I'll serve them to just get them warm
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