How long does homemade bolognese last in the refridgerator?

Made Bolognese on Tuesday for Christmas Eve Wednesday. Husband had an accident and we didn't eat it. Plan to eat it tomorrow, Saturday. Has been in the refridgerator since Tuesday evening

Jeannine Doyle


Nancy H. December 28, 2014
It should be fine if it's been refrigerated. Then if there's any left over, freeze it and you'll have plenty the next time--or to add to another pasta sauce or soup.
kimhw December 26, 2014
With anything but fish, I have a 5 day rule. Eat in 5 days, after that throw it away.
Jeannine D. December 26, 2014
Well, it will be four tomorrow, so I'm good! Thanks
Monita December 26, 2014
It should be fine but to be sure, take a little; heat and taste. If it tastes at all off, don't use it. But more likely, it will taste fine
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