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There used to be a way to search for "newest recipies" - in the inverse order in which they were posted. Has that option disappeared?

  • Posted by: Tarragon
  • December 29, 2014


cookinginvictoria December 31, 2014
Thank you, Alp! Great to hear that option is slated to return. I miss being able to search by newest recipes too! Happy New Year!
alp.aker December 31, 2014
Hello all. I'm one of the software engineers here at Food52. The short answer is: There's no real reason why the ability to sort by newest recipes is gone.

The longer answer: That sorting option was removed a few months ago as part of some general revamping of the search feature. When it became clear that the community missed the option we made a plan to restore it, but that keeps getting bumped by other projects that are deemed higher priority.

I'll carve out some time to handle this in the first week or two of January.
Tarragon December 31, 2014
Alp, thank you so much!

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luvcookbooks December 30, 2014
I miss it, too. I used to enjoy browsing to see what new recipes had been added and came upon some that I loved by happy accident.
Stephanie G. December 30, 2014
I'm also missing this option. The only work around I have found is to do a specific search, such as Winter, then the window at the right appears and you can select the newest recipes.
AntoniaJames December 30, 2014
A lot of people don't include a season or any holidays in their recipes, so I've been using search terms like "salt" or "sugar" and then filtering to newest - that seems to yield more recent recipes. It's inconvenient, though.
I'd really like to know what the rationale is behind the removal of the functionality allowing users to browse the newest recipes (seeking to understand, before seeking to be understood).
Lindsay-Jean H. December 29, 2014
Hi Tarragon -

It is still possible to see newest recipes, but it is now set up as an option to chronologically filter search results. For example, after searching for "eggplant" or selecting "Cakes" under Dish type, you'll see a drop down menu appear that allows you to sort by different options -- one of those options is "Newest."

The recipe search is still a work in progress, so we appreciate your feedback and have noted that you're missing the "Newest" filter as it used to behave!

And just as a reminder, you can always reach us with questions about the site by email at [email protected]

Thanks again for the feedback!
Pegeen December 29, 2014
The staff usually recommend emailing tech questions to: [email protected]
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