how to convert recipes on this website for easier English reading

I would like to read the recipes in ounces, cups, etc. I do not have a conversion chart. Thanks.

Audria Ellen


elf1 January 7, 2015
The best way is to get to grips with cups...being a UK er I felt the same way but in truth once I'd bought the cups and found a good conversion "App" for the tablespoon of butter etc ( strange to us I know ) I found the cooking easy. Just love the American sites for recipes...alot of imaginative foodies on here!
Bunnee B. December 31, 2014
King Arthur Flour's website has a conversion chart for practically every ingredient.
ChefJune December 31, 2014
There are many conversion charts online.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 31, 2014
Have you tried "googling" one online to covert the recipe needed?
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