Savory use for pounds of almonds?

A friend gave me several huge bags of almonds from his family's orchard. They're in the freezer and I'll never get through them...and suggestions for a savory almond based recipe?

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • January 1, 2015


Leith D. January 3, 2015
Almonds are great in pesto, made with basil, parsley or whatever herb you like. I make spicy almonds with smoked paprika, cumin and a little cayenne. They are great on a cheese platter. A friend of mine grinds almonds and mixes them with lentils for veggie burgers.
amysarah January 2, 2015
I second the Romesco - especially good on grilled fish or vegetables (grilled scallions are classic.) So good I'd eat it with a spoon. Also Ajo Blanco, cold Spanish almond/garlic soup (can also serve hot.) Jamie Oliver has a nice version, with roast garlic and orange: I'd definitely add a splash of sherry vinegar to brighten it up.
ChefJune January 2, 2015
For what it's worth, nuts will keep literally FOREVER in your freezer, so you don't need to rush to use them up.
mstv January 2, 2015
Toast and chop (or add whole) to salads. I have been wanting to try this soup:
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 2, 2015
season them to your liking and keep around for savory snacks.
Kim H. January 2, 2015
I like to grind these up and use them to coat chicken when I bake it to form a nice crust. As a pesto instead of pine nuts.
jilhil January 2, 2015
Romesco sauce and white gazpacho will use up some of them. They're also delicious with lots of vegetables when you toast them. Plus you can roast them with oil and spices for a snack.
Susan W. January 2, 2015
You can make almond butter and almond milk. That will use up a bunch.
Nancy January 2, 2015
As part of a couscous spread (tradtional dish with raisins al.ones onions a d sweetener), or tagline, or seasoned roasted and used as garnish for salad, buzzed raw I to smoothies, slivers roasted to top chichen or squash dishes, ground coarsely with a second but (e.g. pignoli) to make a crust fir fish, then back it. Hope one or more piques your interest.
Nancy January 2, 2015
Ugh. Typos or autocorrect. should be tagine, into smoothies, second nut.
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