Ground almond/cashew replacement

Hi all! I've been researching chicken tikka recipes and they all seem to call for either ground almonds or cashews, which I can't use because of an allergy in the family. Any recommendations for a good substitute? Thanks!

Alecsandra Thadani


Ttrockwood September 15, 2018
That is unusual for a chicken tikka recipe which usually uses dairy for that creamy texture.
Raw sunflower seeds work great as a sub for cashews, note that if you’re blending them it’s important they’re raw and soaked for a few hours to make a creamy texture.
Smaug September 14, 2018
Toasted pumpkin seeds should work well.
Nancy September 14, 2018
Not the recipes I know.
Maybe some are adding the ground nuts as a thickener for the sauce.
Have a look at this nice review article and combination recipe from The Guardian (UK recipe columnist Felicity Cloake) and see if you like the way it sounds.
If you still want the crunch or thickening that the almonds or cashews would give, add a nut or seed you can tolerate, or some bread or crackers (croutons, crumbs or whatever you like).
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