How can I make chicken in a pan

  • Posted by: jack
  • January 3, 2015


elf1 January 7, 2015
Spatchcock it..try the recipe on food52 " Spatchcock braised and roasted chicken" it's devine!
Nancy January 4, 2015
Or if all you have is a fairly shallow fryoan/sauteuse and want to cook but not necessarily roast a whole chicken , there are millions (ok, lots) of braised chicken recipes to work you way through...musakhan (Arabic recipe with onions), chicken marbwlla from silver palate, various tagine s with olives fruit or vegetables, curry recipes from India to Japan.
Nancy January 4, 2015
frypoan should be "frypan" and marbwlla is really "Marbella"
Matt H. January 3, 2015
I second the spatchcocked chicken suggestion. Do a search on Youtube for "Waxman go-to chicken" -- the video might come up as succotash but he demos the cooking of a butterflied chicken in a skillet. I have dome it a few times and it works out very well.
shmeegly January 3, 2015
There's loads of ways, if it's a whole chicken or not, cut it up and either dry fry it or fry it with a touch of oil. You can use is for salads, stir frys or mix in sauces such as BBQ, Hoisin or lemon and have whatever sides you like!! Chicken doesn't have to be whole to be lovely!!
Meaghan F. January 3, 2015
If what you're asking is how to cook a whole chicken in a shallow pan, instead of a traditional roasting pan, it depends on the sizes of the pan and chicken in question. If it's a big pan, you could spatchcock the bird (flattening it out) so that it cooks through evenly. Or, break it down into breast, thigh, etc. and cook the pieces separately. Mark Bittman has a recipe for roast chicken where you put it in a pre-heated cast iron skillet, if you have one of those and the bird will fit; it's personally my go-to way to roast a chicken.
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