Does parsley make soup bitter?

Is it is bad idea to put parsley leaves and/or stems in to cook with a soup or veg. broth? Something made my broth bitter and I wonder if that's the culprit.



Patricia January 6, 2015
My guess is that broccoli was the culprit. I always use a few fat stems of parsley wth carrots, celery, onion etc. for making stock.
Susan W. January 4, 2015
I find parsley a little bitter. I like that at times, but I don't use it in veg broth. When I use it in soups, it's usually as a garnish stirred in at the end for its nice grassy notes.
SKK January 4, 2015
The fresh parsley grown in my garden is amazingly sweet. Use it all the time. If the parsley is old and turning yellow, it can be bitter. And stems may not work. What else was in your broth?
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 4, 2015
Parsley is mildly bitter and adding the leaves for soups, whole parsley sprigs with the stems for broth in my opinion balances out the rest of the ingredients. How much did you use and what other ingredients did you include? Too much parsley and not enough other flavors to could increase the bitterness if not balanced.
Fresa January 5, 2015
I didn't put a lot in with the carrot ends, celery, broccoli stems, onion ends, green parts of leeks. Maybe it was the broccoli...
aargersi January 5, 2015
Every once in awhile my carrots are bitter (old, bad parenting, not sure why?) so I suspect them as well - did you happen to taste them first? p.s. I love your profile photo :-)
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