Alternative uses for lasagna noodles?

A very lovely co-worker gifted me a few boxes of lasagna noodles today. While I love traditional lasagna and the riffs on it (spinach & ricotta, veggie-heavy, etc.) -- I was wondering if anyone had more off-beat ideas for using them in other dishes?

Posie (Harwood) Brien


mrslarkin January 7, 2015
One of my favorite family recipes is Nidi di Rondine (Swallow's Nests). Our family's version used pasta sheets or lasagne noodles, bechamel, ham, mozzarella cheese or emmentaler, and tomato sauce. Here's a version from Global Table Adventures, which is pretty spot-on. Only difference is we layer some tomato sauce into the pan before placing the nests in.

And now I want to make these.
mrslarkin January 7, 2015
Posie (. January 7, 2015
Thank you for sending the recipe :) Those look insanely lovely -- I am going to try this weekend!!
cookinginvictoria January 7, 2015
This recipe looks amazing! On the menu for this weekend. We roasted a ham last weekend, and I just happen to have lots of leftovers. And I have Emmenthal cheese in the fridge. Thanks, mrsl!
inpatskitchen January 7, 2015
Thanks for the link to this awesome looking recipe Liz! With tomato sauce or béchamel it will soon be on our dinner table!
boulangere January 6, 2015
A Bowlful of Lasagne!
Megan January 6, 2015
This is not all that off-beat but it certainly is yummy:
Nancy January 6, 2015
you could break them up and use them instead of maltagliati ("badly cut") pasta in minestrone. use them instead of egg noodles in a sweet noodle pudding (kugel) with cottage cheese & raisins or a savory one with onions, etc.
Stephanie G. January 6, 2015
Serve a braise of short ribs over them, instead of egg noodles.
HalfPint January 6, 2015
You can try to make ravioli out of them. Soak noodles in water, cut into smaller sections, & fill with your favorite fillings. Right now a squash (like butternut) ravioli is really nice in a sage & brown butter sauce.

I haven't tried it, but I've heard of cooks making dessert ravioli or dumplings. Fill with pie filling like apple pie, seal the ravioli or dumpling, deep fry or brush with oil and bake, sprinkle with a little powdered sugar. Or fill with ganache, fry it, and drizzle with choc syrup.
HalfPint January 6, 2015
Here are some ideas:
Susan W. January 6, 2015
I really like lasagna noodle rollups. You can make them light or rich with cheese. You can spread ricotta, fresh spinach, basil or pesto or even thinly sliced eggplant or zucchini. They are pretty to look at and freeze great in individual servings.
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