Cheesy spinach broccoli lasagna

I don’t know measurements for one box of no boil lasagna noodles. How much cheese, etc.
do I precook broccoli?
No egg in recipe



Nancy April 14, 2020
Most no boil lasagna comes in either 12 or 16 oz packages (about 360 or 450 grams).
Too many similar recipes out there to answer your other questions with this description.
Please send a link to the recipe or write a brief description, and we'll talk about cheese, broccoli, egg....

ldeleon100 April 14, 2020
Thank you for your reply I think I figured out the measurements. However I want to know if I have to pre cook the frozen broccoli or can I just add it thawed with the frozen spinach. Thank you
Nancy April 14, 2020
Either would be fine.
In making normal lasagna, I'd boil and drain the frozen veg to prevent too much water from them defrosting on the pan.
But with no-boil noodles, the little extra water won't hurt and may help.

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