I'm planning to make this for dinner tomorrow night and have a quick question regarding the measurement for the sweet potatoes. I can find everyt...

...hing from pretty small to really big sweet potatoes so it would be great to have a cup measurement for the cubed potatoes. I'll just guess medium potatoes if I don't hear otherwise. Looking forward to trying this



Ashley C. January 9, 2015
I usually use 3 medium to large sweet potatoes, depending on what I have. Medium would be just fine since the potatoes are not the only starch in the meal. I hope that helps! Let me know how you like it!
NotTooSweet January 9, 2015
thank you Ashley - I am so looking forward to making this tomorrow. I just know it will be fabulous!
Monita January 9, 2015
The recipe serves 4 so you might like to have 1 cup cooked sweet potato per person. Sweet potatoes shrink in roasting so you might want to start out with 6 cups of cubed, raw sweet potatoes
NotTooSweet January 9, 2015
thank you - between your answer and Ashley's answer I think I'm all set! This site is beyond wonderful - great recipes, tips and people who actually answer your questions (even silly ones!)
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