Just wondering if the coconut milk is from a can or a carton? Thank you!

  • Posted by: karenh
  • March 13, 2016


Ashley C. March 14, 2016
I use real coconut milk either from a can or carton--not the watered down coconut milk in the refrigerated section of the grocer, but the coconut milk in the Asian section. My favorite is aroy-d because the ingredients are only coconut and water!
Susan W. March 14, 2016
I absolutely love aroy-d. I don't think they add water.
karenh March 14, 2016
Thank you both... I was assuming canned but appreciate confirmation.
Susan W. March 13, 2016
The stuff in the milk like carton is nothing like the real stuff in the can. I'm quite sure the author means canned.
702551 March 13, 2016
I'd just use the stuff that doesn't have preservatives or additives, regardless of the packaging.
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