Do you have any suggestions for wine pairings? I'm serving this to company and really want something that will goes well. Thank you!



Bevi February 27, 2014
A pinot gris or even rose might be nice.
ChefJune February 27, 2014
I would choose an off-dry Riesling -- preferably from the Finger Lakes or Germany. The sweetness of the coconut may clash with one that is too dry. If you go German, don't get one that is labeled "Trocken." (That is German for "dry." Kabinett will be better. I would choose Riesling for the tinge of sweetness, and the high acidity.
CH-4500 February 27, 2014
A dry Riesling would suit well I believe.
bigpan February 26, 2014
If you want to go with the white-with-fish theory, I'd pick an un-oaked chardonnay from Australia...usually nice and soft. To be bold with a red, pick a light red like a merlot - surprisingly red can work well with salmon.
You can also check on the internet for decent seafood restaurants (anywhere in the internet world) and look at their online menus and what they pair with salmon.
Local wine store is a good idea - if it has a big selection. Of course, they will only recommend what they sell, and young employees have little knowledge.
Cristina S. February 26, 2014
My suggestion would be to find a local wine shop that employs a knowledgable buyer. I often go to my local shop with a specific dish in mind--he knows a lot more than I ever will about wine and food pairings.
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