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My cookbook club is having a Low Country Cookout (it's cold, it's snowing, and we'll be outdoors but we don't care). The hostess is having oysters and shrimp shipped in; she'll steam the oysters in a burlap bag and serve them with homemade hot sauce. Someone is bringing Caviar Pie. This food is totally foreign to me. What would you Charleston area/Southern people bring to a party like this?

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KateSlim March 23, 2023
Wine and hot seafood snacks.
Midge January 23, 2015
Wow, your feast rivaled anything I've ever experienced here in the Lowcountry!
Brain H. January 23, 2015
Thank you Midge! Luckily there are lots of Southern ex-pats living in Jackson Hole that I can learn from.
Brain H. January 23, 2015
cookinginvictoria great idea! Your best Lowcountry dish recipe contest! At least now I have a few under my belt and there must be so many great ones in the Food52 community.
Brain H. January 20, 2015
Hey everyone, thanks for the fantastic suggestions for our Lowcountry Cookout. The food was amazing and there was so much of it! But there was so much we had to leave out. I learned how to steam oysters over a fire and shuck them. I learned how to make She-Crab Soup and shrimp and grits. I even learned how to spell Lowcountry. Check out our full menu and see how it went on my blog.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 20, 2015
wow. well done!
Summer O. January 21, 2015
That looks fantastic!
Meaghan F. January 21, 2015
Thank you for following up!! That post made me super hungry.
cookinginvictoria January 22, 2015
Jacksonholefoodie, wow -- what a fabulous dinner! Thank you for documenting the Lowcountry Cookout and sharing the results with us.

I think that this could make for a great Food52 recipe contest -- your best Lowcountry dish? :)
spiffypaws January 19, 2015
Shrimp and grits
lilmagill January 18, 2015
A yellow layer cake w/ sugary, fluffy white icing, and shredded coconut pressed all over topped w/ a maraschino cherry! When I lived down there, banana pudding w/ vanilla wafers was served w/ every meal, but up here it might not go over quite as well. Scott Peacock and Edna Lewis's books are about the best Southern cookbooks I've ever read if you really want to delve into the subject.
Melanie,Sodini January 16, 2015
Chess pie. It's super easy to make and really tasty. Plus it travels easily
Summer O. January 15, 2015
My SC side of the family almost always has Frogmore Stew as previously mentioned (Low country boil), the oysters cooked with a wet burlap bag are also standard fare. A ham or ham biscuits (which is just a piece of ham on a biscuit), dirty rice, mac-n-cheese, cheese straws and smoked trout dip (although that's more of a GA thing) how up regularly too. Desserts are big deal at Southern cookouts, the number of desserts rival the savory items. We usually have a coconut cake, hummingbird cake, pralines and strawberry shortcakes. The occasional ambrosia will show up too.
Sam1148 January 14, 2015
I think Virginia Willis got this one. (g).
If the hostess is doing the seafood and you're bring something..the seafood is her call. Although the shrimp should be low country boil with potatoes, sausage, and corn (in summer as mentioned).

If the hostess doesn't know....get some "Zatarain" seasoning. In the bag. Put the bag in the boiling pot with a can of beer and a couple of lemons sliced up (That helps extract the spice bag flavors). Add in the new potatoes, sausage..and boil until the potatoes start softening. Oh, the sausage is your basic smoked sausage that's already cooked.

When the potatoes talk to you, put in the shrimp. Then in about 10 mins drain it and serve. If it's in the winter...maybe someone will have a big crock pot to keep it all warm. In the south in the summer it goes on newspaper outside.

For a side dish to bring.
Cheese straws would be great. Also Cheese Biscuits or cheese/sausage balls.
Google up "Bisquick" sausage/cheese biscuits. (or balls). Leave out the sausage if you wish. Very easy and very popular. It's a basic "bisquick" dough mixed with cheese (and/or cooked sausage). and spoon dropped on a sheet and baked.
Virginia W. January 14, 2015
Oh! How lovely!! That sounds fantastic…. although I don't know what Caviar Pie is?
How will she prepare the shrimp? Sounds like Low Country Boil might be in order?
Potatoes, shrimp, and sausage simmered in a flavorful broth. (Corn is only added in the summer.) If you just need a side dish for potluck suggestions would include cornbread and collard greens. If you want more of a starter, pimento cheese is always a hit, deviled eggs are a year round Southern go-to, or perhaps cheese straws. PS Food52 has my recipe for deviled eggs. Have fun! Bon Appetit Y'all! Virginia
Brain H. January 14, 2015
Thank you Virginia! I don't think our Low Country Cookout would be complete without your deviled eggs. Will report back about Caviar Pie.
Brain H. January 13, 2015
So many great suggestions here. Thank you all! I will let you know how our low country cookout in the high country turned out!
keg72 January 13, 2015
This sounds like a wonderful idea! If you would post your final menu, I'd love to see it! Some other ideas are spoonbread (as a side), sweet potato pie (dessert or a side) and cheese straws (hors d'oeuvre that you can make ahead). An hors d'oeuvre that I've not yet made but have had bookmarked for a while is for "Cheese Dreams" -- http://www.southernliving.com/food/holidays-occasions/cheese-straw-recipes/cheese-dreams-recipe. And I definitely second the shrimp and grits recommendation.
cookinginvictoria January 13, 2015
If you have time, I would also suggest browsing through Sean Brock's fantastic new cookbook, Heritage: http://www.amazon.com/Heritage-Sean-Brock/dp/1579654630. Some of his recipes are complicated and time consuming, but he offers lots of great ideas and inspiration about Southern and especially low country cooking.
healthierkitchen January 15, 2015
If you have the time, check out Anson Mills website. I've ordered their Carolina Gold rice which is a heritage variety that they are bringing back, and it's wonderful and all that the area chefs seem to use. They also sell grits, cornmeal, etc. The site also has recipes for some of the local dishes like Red rice.
Midge January 19, 2015
I think I'm too late to this thread, but I have to second Brock's beautiful cookbook for anyone interested in lowcountry foodways and cooking. I made his buttermilk pie for Christmas and it was sublime.
drshakyhands January 13, 2015
My suggestion, since we just started a New Year, is Hopping John. There are a lot of variations on that food depending on which region of the south you originate from and it's a symbolic food to bring wealth and luck in the coming year. I think Serious Eats recently had an entire article dedicated to it and its various compositions based on region.
Meaghan F. January 13, 2015
This sounds awesome!! Check out Garden & Gun magazine for inspiration... It's like if Southern Living and Town & Country had a baby. They've got tons of food-related articles and I seem to remember a few recent ones that were Low Country-related.
ChefJune January 13, 2015
Shrimp and Grits is VERY Low Country. I would check out Nathalie Dupree's web site. A marvelous cooking teacher, cookbook author and tv personality, she lives in Charleston. Her web site www.nathaliedupree.com is full of good information and recipes.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 12, 2015
I'm not from South Carolina or Georgia, but I would bring Macaroni & cheese, corn bread, she-crab soup and grits or Carolina Red rice to serve under the seafood boil. Fried Green tomatoes,fried pickles, hush puppies, pimento cheese, vinegary collards, Brunswick Stew, Oyster Stew, Fried chicken, pecan pie, red velvet cake etc.. Just typing this is making me hungry! It sounds fun!
Susan W. January 12, 2015
If I were you (and it sounds SO fun), I would message Sam1148. He lives in the South and loves Low Country cooking.

I totally love that you guys are doing this.
Brain H. January 12, 2015
Thank you Susan W. Paging Sam1148...
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