I'd like to bring a dinner or two to a friend undergoing chemo. She's gluten intolerant and likely to have a small appetite, but her husband will be hungry. Any great ideas for gluten-free, easy to transport and good for reheating dinners? Thanks!



healthierkitchen October 4, 2010
Thanks for the ideas!
Christina W. October 4, 2010
I had the honor of caring for 3 people going through chemo. The process changes the palate. Most people have a lingering metallic/chemical taste in their mouth. They also experience severe digestive issues. From ongoing nausea, loss of appetite, colon issues, diarrhea, etc.

Some of the common issues I've encountered are a sensitivity to fats. High fat foods often will cause diarrhea. Many chemo treatments affect the liver, which of course processes the fats in foods. People will often have a sensitivity to strong flavors/spices. Onions seem to cause upset.

Folks also seem to develop a strong sweet tooth. Some doctors will caution against eating too many sweets, but I never wanted to deny someone a piece of cake!

You may explore cooking two meals...one for the mister and one for your friend. Don't be shy in asking your friend if she has any cravings. But don't be surprised if she can only manage a few bites.

Good luck to you and your friend.
JTLChefNagai October 3, 2010
I am pretty sure chocolate has gluten in it. You may want to check this if you are going to make or bring pudding. Plus what are you going to thicken your pudding with?
drbabs October 3, 2010
Roast chicken. Beef stew. Chicken soup. Custard. Chocolate (or her favorite flavor) pudding. A crustless quiche. Warm stewed fruit. Applesauce? Simple comfortable food. Maybe some wine (if she can drink). I wish your friend a speedy recovery.
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