How would you do a pre-ferment for this bread? The article with which the recipe was posted recommends a pre-ferment, but offers no details. Thank...

... you. ;o

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Honey Oat Whole Wheat Loaf
Recipe question for: Honey Oat Whole Wheat Loaf

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Erin J. January 15, 2015
Hi AJ, the article just referenced that whole wheat flours can be great to use in bread baking - the preferment tenderizes the higher levels of protein in the flour and also brings out some of the deep, nutty flavors. Yum! This recipe is a super simple one that requires no preferment. Rather than altering this recipe to include a preferment, I would suggest starting with a recipe that utilizes whole wheat flour in it's preferment. Take a look at this one: - sourdough is particularly great with whole wheat! Let me know how you fare!
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