Yellow mold on fermented jalapeños

Im new to fermentation, but have been trying to make a different ferment every month or so. This month's project is jalapeños, and they're done, but there's a swirly yellow mold on top and floating throughout the brine. I spooned it out and packed the peppers into jars with the brine but I wanted to know if yellow mold is more dangerous than the white mold that is more commonly encountered in fermentation? Thanks for any help!



Susan W. August 17, 2015
Yes, that is exactly what happens with lemons. I haven't seen it when I make sauerkraut, but I've also seen it with Kombucha. Nerve racking, but I really think it's harmless. With my Kombucha, I checked with KombuchaKamp. They have a question and answer forum. I'll bet you can find a similar forum for fermented vegetables.
Susan W. August 17, 2015
Is it fuzzy? If it's not, then it isn't mold. I have a feeling it's similar to the white strands that sometimes happen with preserved lemons which is harmless. I'm only guessing though because I haven't fermented jalapenos.
arielleclementine August 17, 2015
oh thank you! it's not fuzzy. it was strand-like. kind of like when you swirl beaten egg into egg drop soup but smoother than that. i thought it was mold because it was on the surface, but i'm thinking that you're right about it not being mold.
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